Artist: Dolly Parton

Also performs as: Holly <Dolly>
Dolly & Co
Real name: Dolly Rebecca Parton
Born: January 19, 1946
Country: United States
Comments: She is a huge fan of The Beatles.

Released Songs

Original Songs

Title Artist Date Info
1 9 to 5 Dolly Parton 1980-11 Covered 4 times
2 Applejack Dolly Parton 1977-02 Covered by Anny Schilder

Cover Songs

Title Artist Date Info
1 After the Goldrush Dolly Parton 1996-09-24 Originally by Neil Young
Covered by The SHS team
Covered by The A team
Covered 123 times
Originall written by John Newton
2 Amazing Grace Dolly Parton 1980-11 Originall written by John Newton
3 Baby, It's Cold Outside Rod Stewart with Dolly Parton 2004 Originally by Esther Williams & Ricardo Montalban

Songs Credited For

Original Songs


Audio Singles

Audio Albums

Tribute Albums

Did you know?

Feelin' alright by Joe Cocker was originally written by Dave Mason, Marcus Gronholm and Mika Schumacher, and was performed by Traffic in 1968.

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